Message from Principal

Dear Parent,

In todayís age where schools have sprung up in every nook and corner or alley of the country, all making tall claims to trap the unsuspecting parents, the best way to choose a school for your child is to personally see it for yourself.

The Heart, Head and Hand of leadership.

The heart has to practice - with what a person believes, values dreams about, and is committed to that personís personal vision. To be sure, sharing personal conception of what is a good school will reveal many common qualities.

The head has to do with the theories of practice each of us has developed over time and our ability to reflect on the situation. This process of reflection combined with our personal vision becomes the strategies and actions.

Finally, the hand of leadership had to do with the action we take, the decision we make, the leadership and management behaviors. we use as our strategies become institutionalized in the form of school programmne,policies and procedures. This is how with heart, head and hand. I choose to manage and leads are personal reflections not only for vision and practical theories.

The role implies is to transform its students not only by providing them with knowledge and skills but by building character and instilling virtues. Both technical and moral images are present in teaching and administering. The technical images are present in teaching and administering. The technical images contain values that prize accumulated knowledge, efficiency, orderliness, productivity and social influences. It is directly connected at moulding character, shaping attitudes, and producing a virtuous thoughtful person. Technical and moral images of administration cannot be separated in practice. Every technical decision has moral implication

Building the Character of the school.

The school culture influences much of what is thought said and done in the school. Character is a concept similar to culture but much less neutral. A schoolís character is known by how the school is viewed by member and outsider in ethical and moral terms. Building and enhancing the school character is the key to establishing its credibility among students, teachers, parents and administrators and externally in the broader community.

The school culture encourages the students to develop new ideas by taking risk and be innovative in its approach to application. Leadership is also developed through creative projects linked to the schools social service program to leading and participating in the numerous academic and other committee that exist to discuss topics that range from food to the library and games to technology.

Education is fast evolving. We need to keep themselves up breast with teaching aids, teaching style; innovative methods are our areas of deliverance. To basically know and pick up their threads so that our students donít miss any opportunity and we take them step by step towards achievement. For education is long Journey this journey is born from the cradle to death. A learning environment is to be created so that the student himself /herself becomes a curious thinker and innovative in all his doing, for this empathy in the environment has to be created.

It makes a difference for example, whether the basic values that defines a school community revolve around themes of efficiency, effectiveness and excellence or whether these are considered to be mere means values in service to such ends value as justice, diversity , equality, fraternity and goodness.

Looking, forward for a year ahead.

Yali Ho!

Warm regards,

Principal - Ms Arti (Dua) Kapoor

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