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12 year olds write computer programs and create games.

Aditya Singh and Shreyansh R. Pampania of Narmada Calorx Public School (NCPS), Bharuch have made the school proud by creating apps and computer games at the young age of 12.

Aditya from Class VII made a program that could ask questions to the computer which would then reply to them. He wrote the program within a week and sought guidance from ‘YouTube” videos. He is currently learning C++ and plans to make an application which will include graphics and mouse input.

Shreyansh Pampania’s biggest inspiration is Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. He too loves programming and creating games and apps. His first program was a calculator that solved simple equation. He also created a set of applications named Shockwave V.1 which included a calculator, Try Your Luck (a game) and Talking Sapi ( a software that talks to the computer)

He recently made “Virtual Jic Jac Joe”, the computer version of the pen and paper game Tic Tac Toe and is now working on COSMOS (C# Open Source Operating Software). It is used to make operating systems. Mr Tejas Puwar, the school sports teacher also inspired him to use graphics when creating apps.

Both students were glad to be given a platform by NCPS Bharuch to reach their highest potential. The school supported their endeavors every step of the way.

Top School in Bharuch

U-14 Cricket team of NCPS won Gold at the National Level. The event was organized by Students Olympics Association at Bhatinda. It was the only team representing Gujarat. 22 States participated.

Best School in Bharuch

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